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The Löwenherz Children's and Youth Hospice in Syke near Bremen accommodates children, adolescents and young adults with terminal illnesses that cannot be cured as per the current state of the art in medicine. The two houses have eight patient rooms each for the ill children and youths as well as rooms for parents and siblings. Approx. 250 families can visit the hospice every year. The Löwenherz ambulant children's hospice service in Bremen and Braunschweig supports terminally ill children and their families. In Lower Saxony, the association cooperates with 24 hospice services for adults and trains volunteers in children's hospice service work.

For questions and suggestions, you can reach us at the following address:

The Association:
"Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V."
Plackenstraße 19
28857 Syke
04242 / 5925 - 0
04242 / 5925 - 25

The Children's and Youth Hospice:
For Parents:
Siebenhäuser 77
28857 Syke
04242 / 5789 - 0
04242 / 5789 - 89

Account for donations with the Kreissparkasse Syke:
IBAN: DE07 2915 1700 1110 0999 99, BIC: BRLADE21SYK

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