Löwenherz Ambulant (Lionheart)
Families with incurably sick children are often at exhaustion point in their daily lives: they care for the sick child around the clock, a "normal daily routine" is no longer possible. Even during the night, they are often woken to care for their daughter or their son.
Sometimes the illness drags on for years. That costs the parents a lot of strength. In addition there is the fear of their child’s death. Frequently, there is little time left for the siblings. The relationship with their partner is also tested to the extreme. For most of the time – 48 weeks – the familes are left to themselves at home, since the Children’s Hospice may accommodate families for up to four weeks per year at the most. An outpatient children’s hospice service offers them important and valuable support during this phase of life.

A survey of the families in the Children’s Hospice had shown that the parents need relief at home during their everyday life. They don’t wish for "experts," but for people from "normal, everyday life." Their area of work encompasses both taking care  of the sick children and dealing with the siblings. Many mothers and fathers are also looking for a sympathetic conversation partner to accompany them on the path of sickness and also to stand by them when they take leave  of their child.

The "Ambulant Children’s Hospice Löwenherz Bremen and Surroundings" was built to support incurably sick children and their families.

In a further project, Löwenherz offers statewide training courses in Lower Saxony for staff members from the adult hospice services, held in the Children’s Hospice. Networking is also a part of this.

Wie arbeiten eigentlich ambulante Kinderhospizbegleiter ? Wie werden sie auf ihre Aufgaben in den Familien mit unheilbar erkrankten Kindern und Jugendlichen vorbereitet ? Welche Voraussetzungen muss ich für eine ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit mitbringen ?

Diese und andere Frage beantwortet unser Film über die ambulante Kinderhospizarbeit.

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