Nicole Wegener und Thekla Lund (back) und Nicole Heuer und Andrea Mertens (front)

Bremen and Surroundings
The "Ambulant Children’s Hospice Service Löwenherz Bremen and Surroundings" helps and supports families with incurably sick children in Bremen and within a radius of about 20 kilometers. Voluntary children’s hospice attendants go to the family and support them at home. Coordinator Susanne Claus is the contact person for the families and volunteers. She is also responsible for the training.

Prior to their assignment to the families, the staff members receive a comprehensive training. Over the course of four weekends and eleven training evenings, they are given extensive information necessary for the ambulant care of seriously ill children and their families. In this way they gain important information about different disease patterns, reactions in crisis situations and the implications of long-term stress in families. How to deal with illness, dying and death, as well as the rituals of different religions, are also included in the training program.

The duties and responsibilities of the children’s hospice helpers are versatile: they attend to and support the seriously ill children, play with the siblings and are ready to listen to troubles and cares. They are also important companions during the mourning phase.


Elsasser Strasse 61/63 
28211 Bremen 
+49(0)421 / 841 31 55, 
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