The Association (Lionheart)

The association "Children’s Hospice Löwenherz, e.V.“ was established in Sulingen (district of Diepholz) in May 1998. The goal: creation and operation of an inpatient children’s hospice. At the same time, the population should be informed about the topic of "death and dying of children" through comprehensive public relations work.

An important responsibility of the Association is the collection of donations for the operation of the Children’s Hospice and of the "Ambulant children’s hospice service Löwenherz Bremen and Surroundings." For that purpose, the bureau team organizes presentations, lectures and campaigns.

The Association is also the supporting organization of the ambulant children’s hospice in Bremen. At the present time, the Association "Children’s Hospice Löwenherz, e.V.“ has around 1900 members and 160 active volunteers.

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