The "Children’s Hospice Löwenherz" offers incurably sick children and their  families relief from their burden and supports them in taking leave of their child.

Individual Care
The team works together closely with the parents. They are the experts for their child, because they best know their needs and wishes. The team "lives" this central principle in the Children’s Hospice during their daily work. The individual needs of the children are taken into consideration during care. This way, trust and confidence can be built. Only if the parents have trust in the staff members can they release their child a little way into the hands of other people.

Burden Relief Care

The parents can hand over care to the staff members of the Children’s Hospice completely or partially. They can also take over the care of their child themselves or support the team. In this way, the parents are relieved of the pressure of their daily obligations. They can dedicate their free time to the sick child or to the siblings. Or, for example, spend some time  with their partner.

Palliative Care
If a disease cannot be healed at today’s level of medical knowledge then great efforts are made to alleviate the pain. And to increase quality of life.
The children are taken seriously when they express their pain. For this purpose, an individual pain therapy is required, with a sufficient supply of medication and  physical therapies using  warmth, cold and massage. The palliative care concerns not only physical well-being – it also includes the social, spiritual and emotional needs of the entire family.

End-of-Life Care
When a child enters the Children’s Hospice to die, the teamhas to be   open to the wishes and needs of the dying child and the family. They decide how they would like to spend the last days or hours with their son or daughter. The family is supported in this wish.

Grief Care
After the death of the child, the team offers further support and grief care at the wish of the family.

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