The concept of children’s hospices originates from England. The Helen-House in Oxford, to which incurably sick children are admitted with their families for a limited amount of time, has been in existence there since the seventies. First in Sulingen (district of Diepholz) and later in Syke, outpatient children’s nurses and many supporters from widely varying areas got the project underway.

At that time the initiator, Gaby Letzing ,  was experiencing time and again in her daily work as an outpatient children’s nurse how families suffered under the burden of care for their seriously ill children and how they were often completely exhausted.

This distress motivated her to create the Children’s Hospice and to close the gap between hospital care and home care for seriously ill children. Her wish and that of all the “lion hearts (Löwenherzen)”: to strengthen, relieve and support the families concerned.

The "Children’s Hospice Löwenherz" was opened in September 2003. It is the only one in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

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