The Löwenherz Youth Hospice

An additional youth hospice has been erected on the grounds next to the children's hospice. Its inauguration ceremony took place as part of the 10 years celebrations for the children's hospice.

The Löwenherz Youth Hospice is open to youths and adults from 14 to 24 years of age who suffer from a terminal illness. Here they receive the required intensive care and can participate in activities that suit their age. The house has eight patient rooms as well as six companion rooms for friends and families.

The youth hospice is an important and necessary extension as youths have other needs and interests than the "small ones". Young people need opportunities to develop their own personalities as well as their personal space – even if they are terminally ill and struggle to live. They can be our guests for a couple of weeks along with friends or older siblings, with or without parents. This is particularly important, as some youths need to escape the "parental security" once in a while.

The guests can go on small trips with assistance, sit together with their families and nurses in the recreation room and "chill", enjoy their own disco with loud music or relax in the therapy pool. However, there is space also for the quiet moments – for the goodbyes from friends or from one's own life. In these situations, the youths as well as their family and friends are accompanied by sensitive people that gently take care of them. They also ensure an appropriate pain management as well as spiritual support.

The new building cost approx. 4.5 million Euro and most of the funding was raised from donations. The federal state of Lower Saxony contributed €600,000 to the construction costs, the German TV lottery granted €300,000.

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